Cool Mobile Games for Kids Aged Between 3 to 8!

child-tablet-playingChildhood is an important part in life. Everyone had experience playing at the park, riding in a swing or seesaw, and enjoy a bunch of toys with friends. Apart from those memories, a child can also be guided with educational games right to your Smartphone or tablet. There are plenty of games in the Play Store or AppStore intended for the ages between 3 up to 8. You may select the appropriate games for your children and begin your downloads. Your children will not only become happier yet also, they will enjoy their childhood life and learn from these great gaming applications. You may teach your child to basic English, Math, Science, Logic, Spelling, Shapes and more.

Browse to Your Android/iOS for the Top Mobile Games for Kids

A child’s mind should be exposed to analytical thinking and challenges to become aware and learn at a young age. Furthermore, the kids must also enjoy themselves with the latest recreational games fit for their age. The mobile games applicable for your kids with ages between 3 to 10 include:

  • Math on the Farm, Moose Math, Eggy Subtract and Montessori 1st operations to 20 – these are best app for early math and Montessori math operations.
  • Shape Arts: Geometry Creations – it is a good app to learn shapes using Tangram.
  • Shiny Circus – it is a good app to learn measurements.
  • Intro to cursive – it is an app to learn the basic cursive writings.
  • Lean to Spell and Spell with Pip – are apps that will teach your child with various spellings.
  • Word Wizard – it is an app that will assist your child in building words.
  • For recreational games, the top most recommended gaming applications for 2016 are LapsoBox Cartoon Puzzle, Toca Life: City, Toca Life: School, Sago Mini Road Trip, LEGO Duplo Train, Talking Magic Rabbit, Buddha for Kids, Mars Pop, Dr. Panda’s Toy Cars, Dumb Ways to Die, Minion Rush, Jobi’s Bistro, Rhythmic Village, Thinkrolls 2, Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck, Tiny Farm, Magic Carpet Land, A Parcel of Courage, Eric & Bruce Travel to Britain, Storm & Skye, Yipy Costume Party and more.

Educational games can boost the child’s mind to be alert and learn in advance. Mobile games are interactive, colorful and modern way of teaching the child. There are different genres of games intended for children just visit your Play Store or AppStore and discover more awesome games.

Manage Your Respawnables Gameplay Using Cheats Engines

The cool Respawnables cheats for kidsIf you’re familiar with the game Respawnables and it takes time for you to enhance your armors and weapons as well as gather enough cash and gold, all you have to do is to apply the cheats. This is applicable both to iOS and Android players. You will be amazed to know that this cheat engine had been already built-in right to your smart phone. No need to register, no need to paste for codes, no need to neither install an app nor look for a site. Respawnables hack generators like this one are not necessary in this cheat setting. For you to have an idea regarding this, check out the details below.

Trick on How to Have Unlimited Gold and Cash in Respawnables

Yes, that’s right. You can able to raise your gold and cash without any intervention of cheat engines, hacks sites or downloads. All you have to do is to manipulate your date and time settings thereafter the Respawnables cheat will do the hoax. First, load you’re Respawnables game, then change the date and time settings, let’s say if it is Monday today, change it to Tuesday and the next following days. Get back to your game and see the difference. You will be surprised that you can able to gain gold and cash in an instant. To see the actual way on how to do this, just visit the YouTube video site and watch on how to reset the settings during the play.

Latest Version for the Respawnables Hack Engine

If you want a cheat code to run using your cheat interface, it depends on the version produced by the developers. To have an idea regarding the list of these cheat versions, these include: version 2.5.0 Apk, version 2.5.0 Data, version 2.4.0 MOD, version 3.6.0 Data and version 3.6.0 MOD Apk. You may search on the internet and there are plenty of sources for Respawnables cheats.

Video Games: A Parent and Child Bond


Video games have long been connected with the people’s lives. Since the start of the development of technology several creations and inventions has revolutionized the industry of computers and gadgets. A part of this industry is the video games. Video games’ have started from the simple gadgets with simple pixel displays and monitors, one example is the Atari. Since then, the playful minds of the inventors and developers have raced their way to revolutionize the industry of virtual gaming. But also affiliated with games and its continuous development are the issues and setbacks with regard to mental, physical and social health of gamers especially the kids.

How Do Video Games Affect the Family Bond?

It has been an argument that 21st century parents are heavily involved in their children’s lives. With these actions of parents, kids loss the opportunity to have autonomy and independent thinking. There are a lot of factors that make the lives of today’s children quite different from their parents or grandparents. There are many children who suffer from over scheduling given to them by their parents, some are having a hard time dealing with too much homework given by their teachers. These exhausting activities restrict the exploration of the children’s world by the expectations of the culture and concerns with regards to safety and freedom play. This result to too many kids that spend much of their time indoors with the gadgets and computers in their hands and their minds and attention to the game isolating them from the social life outside their homes.

Because of these negative effects or issues that’ concerns the lives of many children some professors, researchers and even the ordinary people and gamers find the ways to explain the role of parents in responsible gaming of their children to further protect them by spending more time with them. According to some researchers when the scenario of the parents walking away from playing video games with their children happens, a huge opportunity was lost. Many parents don’t understand the good sides of the video games. Some of these games are meant to play with someone and can teach the children and other people about science problem solving and literacy. It is also the chance for parents to give their own teaching moments with their children.

Because of the restrictions or problems of young people they often look for new paths to practice their independence, retreat from the parents and enhance their mental strength through playing and accomplishing game levels, one of these is by playing video games. Playing video games should become a point or moment of conversation and not a point of conflict or misunderstanding. It is the chance for parents to interact more with their children and be informed by their experiences with the games and how they apply these principles and ideas from the games to the real world. The practice or activities of kids playing video games with their parents are associated with the lowered levels of internalizing and behaviors of aggressiveness. The fact that the parents show interest in their kids chosen games validates the children’s perception of the support and understanding that they receive from them. Parents playing alongside with their children promote positive interaction, tighter family relationship and strengthen the special emotional connection that bonds the parent to his/her child and the child to his/her parents.

Everyone struggles with the nature of life, especially the kids. Kids are kids and the adults are the people who are responsible in guiding and helping them extract the good meanings out of each game plays most especially with the moments that affiliates conflict and challenges.